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Organic Chemistry 2 - Quiz - Carboxylic Acids


What is the order of priority of the nomenclature of functional groups?

Order of precedence of functional groups:


Which of the following statements is correct?

The hydrogen of carboxylic acids is very acidic: pKa ~ 4-5 (carboxylate ion is stabilized by resonance)
-COOH forms hydrogen bonds with other -COOH or polarized molecules ⇒ carboxylic acids have high melting and boiling points
The carbon of the carbonyl bond is electrophilic while oxygen is nucleophilic


Which of the following reagents can deprotonate a carboxylic acid?

The proton of a carboxylic acid is very acidic (pKa ~ 4-5). NaOH (pKa = 15.7), Et3N (pKa = 10.8) and LDA (pKa = 36) are strong enough to deprotonate COOH


Which of the following methods results in the synthesis of carboxylic acids?

Carbonation of organometallic reagents:


Which of the following chemical functions is not a carboxylic acid derivative?


What is the product of the reduction of a carboxylic acid by LiAlH4?

Reduction of carboxylic acids: