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What is the order of priority of the nomenclature of functional groups?

Ketone < aldehyde < carboxylic acid < ester

Ketone < aldehyde < ester < carboxylic acid

Aldehyde < ketone < carboxylic acid < ester

Ester < carboxylic acid < ketone < aldehyde

Order of precedence of functional groups:


Which of the following statements is correct?

The hydrogen of carboxylic acids is very acidic

Carboxylic acids have relatively low melting and boiling points

The carbon of the carbonyl bond is nucleophilic while oxygen is electrophilic

All of the above

The hydrogen of carboxylic acids is very acidic: pKa ~ 4-5 (carboxylate ion is stabilized by resonance)
-COOH forms hydrogen bonds with other -COOH or polarized molecules ⇒ carboxylic acids have high melting and boiling points
The carbon of the carbonyl bond is electrophilic while oxygen is nucleophilic


Which of the following reagents can deprotonate a carboxylic acid?




All of the above

The proton of a carboxylic acid is very acidic (pKa ~ 4-5). NaOH (pKa = 15.7), Et3N (pKa = 10.8) and LDA (pKa = 36) are strong enough to deprotonate COOH


Which of the following methods results in the synthesis of carboxylic acids?

Substitution reaction with NaCN

Reduction of alcohols and aldehydes

Carbonation of organometallic reagents

All of the above

Carbonation of organometallic reagents:


Which of the following chemical functions is not a carboxylic acid derivative?




Acyl halide


What is the product of the reduction of a carboxylic acid by LiAlH4?

A primary alcohol

A secondary alcohol

A diol

An aldehyde

Reduction of carboxylic acids: