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Organic Chemistry 1 - Quiz - Stereoisomers - 1


What is the definition of a chiral compound?

A chiral molecule is a molecule that is not superimposable on its mirror image


Which of the following statements is incorrect?

(+) in front of a chiral compound means that its specific rotation [α]D is positive
When [α]D > 0°, the plane-polarized light is rotated clockwise ⇒ the solution is said to be dextrorotary


How many chiral centers does the 2,4-dibromo-1,1,4-trimethylcyclohexane have?

Chiral center: atom connected to 4 different substituents
They are sometimes marked with an asterick


Which of the following compound is chiral?

2-bromobutane has 1 stereocenter ⇒ this molecule is chiral
The other molecules do not have a stereocenter ⇒ they are achiral


Which of the following compound is meso?

cis-1,3-dimethylcyclohexane is a meso compound
A meso compound is a compound that contains stereocenters but is achiral. It has a plane of symmetry


What is the enantiomer of the (1S,3S)-1-bromo-3-methylcyclohexane?

2 enantiomers have opposite configurations in all chirality centers