Quiz - Retrosynthetic strategies - 1 | Strategies for Synthesis and Retrosynthesis

Organic Chemistry 1 - Quiz - Retrosynthetic strategies - 1


What is the good strategy in retrosynthetic analysis?

Retrosynthetic analysis: always work backwards (retrosynthetic direction). Look at the final product and find the immediate precursor(s), keeping in mind the compounds you have in your toolbox. Count the number of carbons and determine the disconnections you need


Which of the following conditions results in the formation of a C-C bond?

Formation of carbon-carbon bond ⇒ so far we have only seen one possibility: the reaction between organometallics and carbonyls


How to protect an alcohol?

Protection: convert alcohol to ether using another alcohol in acidic condition
Deprotection: protecting group removed by an acid or a base


What kind of compounds does CH3MgBr reagent have to react with to form propan-1-ol?



What is the first step in the formation of butanone from methyl lithium and propan-1-ol?


What is the first step in the formation of 1-methylcyclohexane-1,3-diol from methyllithium and 3-hydroxycyclohexanone?

Without protection, an alkoxide is formed