Student Testimonials

Jennifer, Cal Tech
I highly recommend this program for students eager to learn the basics and advanced organic chemistry concepts. Thanks to the site, I have already aced my organic chemistry classes. The study guides were helpful and I liked how I could train ahead of time with their mock exams.
Paul, Yale School of Medicine
I had organic chemistry requirements before I joined Medical School. Aside from the wealth of knowledge in each study guide, it offers tons of exercises to practice the different concepts. I am really grateful the site was created. I aced all my organic chemistry. The site was a huge help.
Michael, Georgia Tech
As a chemistry major, I was so happy I could find the site. It became my go to resource when it came to studying for my general chemistry and organic chemistry classes.
Saanvi, Northwestern University
The study guides provided are equipped with relevant examples and illustrations that simplify even the most complex chemistry concepts.
Lei, Princeton University
I think this program has the right blend of practical and theoretical knowledge. Most of the chemistry concepts I dreaded were explained really well. I remember being totally lost when it came to the synthesis of organic compounds but once I studied the guide and practices the associated exercices, my confidence skyrocketed.