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Organic Chemistry 1 - Quiz - Cycloalkanes


What is the general formula of regular cycloalkanes?

Alkanes: CnH2n+2;   Cycloalkanes: CnH2n


What is incorrect regarding cycloalkanes?

Due to ring strain and more particularly angle strain, small cycloalkanes do not have tetrahedral bond angles. For example, free sp3 orbitals: 109.5° vs. cyclopropane: 60°


What is the most stable cycloalkane?

By adopting a chair conformation, cyclohexane is free of bond-angle and eclipsing strain, which is not the case for cyclobutane, cyclopentane or cycloheptane


Which of the following is an acceptable IUPAC name?

When 2 numbering sequences are possible for a polysubstituted system, the substituents are listed in alphabetical order


What is the most stable conformer of 1-bromo-2-methylcyclohexane?

Disubstituted cyclohexane: the more stable conformer is the conformer with its 2 substituents in equatorial position in order to avoid 1,3-diaxial interactions


What is the most stable stereoisomer of 1,4-dimethylcyclohexane?

The more stable conformer is the conformer with the maximum substituents in equatorial position