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Organic Chemistry 1 - Quiz - Alkyl Halides - Elimination Reactions - 2


Which of the following best describes an E1 reaction mechanism?

An E1 reaction mechanism involves a two-step process where the first step is the slow rate-determining step that forms a stable carbocation intermediate. The second step involves the elimination of a proton to form the double bond.


Which alkyl halide is most likely to undergo an E2 reaction?

Secondary alkyl halides with a strong bulky base are most likely to undergo E2 reactions because they provide a good balance between stability and accessibility for the base to extract a β-hydrogen, leading to the formation of a double bond.


What is the major product of an E1 reaction for 2-bromo-2-methylbutane?

In E1 reactions, the major product is the alkene with the most substituted double bond. This product is called the Zaitsev product.


What is the major factor favoring E1 over E2 in alkyl halide reactions?

E1 reactions are typically favored by weak bases and the presence of polar protic solvents, which help stabilize the carbocation intermediate formed in the rate-determining step.


Considering the competition between SN1, SN2, E1, and E2 reactions, which factor is most influential in favoring elimination over substitution?

Base strength is the most influential factor in favoring elimination (E1 or E2) over substitution (SN1 or SN2). A strong base tends to deprotonate the β-hydrogen, leading to the elimination product, whereas a strong nucleophile would favor substitution by attacking the carbon attached to the leaving group.


Which statement is true regarding the competition between SN1 and E1 reactions?

Both SN1 and E1 mechanisms involve the formation of a carbocation intermediate, which can lead to substitution or elimination depending on the conditions and the reagents present.


The Zaitsev product in an elimination reaction is the one that:

The Zaitsev rule states that the more substituted alkene will predominate as the major product in β-elimination reactions because it is the more stable product due to hyperconjugation and alkyl group stabilization.


What is the major product of the following E2 reaction:     

The more substituted alkene is the Zaitsev product, which is the major product in an E2 reaction unless a sterically hindered base is used.