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Organic Chemistry 1 - Quiz - Alkanes - 1


Which one of the following statements regarding alkanes is correct?

All alkane carbon atoms are sp3 hybridized


How many groups of equivalent hydrogen does the pentane have?


The alcohol of 2-methylpentan-2-ol is:

The alcohol chemical function is on a carbon attached to 3 other carbon atoms ⇒ it is a tertiary alcohol


What is the first step of the halogenation of alkanes?

Radical chain reactions proceed in 3 stages: initiation (homolytic cleavage of the Cl-Cl bond), propagation and termination (radical-radical combination)


What is the correct IUPAC name of (CH3)2CHCH2CH(CH2CH2CH3)2?

1) Longest chain: 7 carbon atoms ⇒ heptane
2) 1 methyl substituent + 1 propyl substituent
3) The left end is the closest to a subst.: number the C atoms from the left to the right
4) 2-methyl-4-propylheptane


How many products do you expect with the halogenation of methylpropane?


What is the most stable radical?

The stability of radicals increases along the series from primary to secondary to tertiary (hyperconjugation). There are no quaternary radicals since carbon atoms cannot have more than 8 electrons in their valence shell