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Organic Chemistry 1 - Quiz - Structure and Bonding - 2


Which type of hybridization would you expect for the carbon atom in ethene (C2H4)?

Ethene has a double bond between the carbon atoms. Each carbon atom has three σ bonds (two with hydrogen and one with the other carbon) and one π bond from the double bond, which corresponds to sp2 hybridization.


What is the electron configuration for the Fe3+ ion (Fe, Z=26)?

The Fe atom has an electron configuration of [Ar] 3d6 4s2. When it forms a 3+ ion, it loses the two 4s electrons and one 3d electron, leading to [Ar] 3d5.


Which of the following molecules will exhibit resonance?

Benzene exhibits resonance because it has a cyclic structure with alternating single and double bonds, which allows the π electrons to be delocalized over the entire ring.


What formal charge does the nitrogen have in the ammonium ion (NH4+)?

In the ammonium ion, nitrogen has four bonds and no lone pairs, giving it a valence electron count of 8. Since nitrogen normally has 5 valence electrons, the formal charge is 5 - (4 bonds + 0 lone electrons) = +1.


Which statement is true regarding ionic and covalent bonds?

Ionic bonds typically form between metals and nonmetals through the transfer of electrons, leading to the formation of cations and anions. Covalent bonds involve the sharing of electrons and typically form between nonmetals.


What is the geometry and the hybridization of the sulfur atom in SF4?

The sulfur atom in SF4 has one lone pair and four bonding pairs of electrons. This results in a see-saw geometry due to the lone pair repulsion and an sp3d hybridization.


Which element violates the octet rule in its compounds?

Sulfur can have expanded octets due to having d orbitals available for bonding, which allows it to accommodate more than eight electrons, as seen in molecules like SF6.


In the molecule C2H2 (acetylene), what type of carbon-carbon bond is present?

In acetylene, C2H2, each carbon is connected by a triple bond composed of one σ bond and two π bonds, shown by its linear geometry and sp hybridization.


In which of these species would you expect to find sp hybridization?

BeH2 has a linear structure with two σ bonds and no lone pairs, requiring sp hybridization for the beryllium atom.


Which of the following is the correct Lewis structure for sulfur dioxide (SO2)?

The correct Lewis structure for SO2 involves sulfur with two double bonds to oxygen, accommodating the need for oxygen to complete its octet and allowing sulfur to have an expanded octet.