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Organic Chemistry 1 - Quiz - Structure and Bonding - 3


What type of hybridization do you expect for the central atom in methane (CH4)?

Methane has a tetrahedral geometry, which requires sp3 hybridization of the central carbon atom to accommodate four σ bonds with hydrogen atoms.


Which of the following best describes the ionic bond?

An ionic bond is characterized by the electrostatic attraction between positively and negatively charged ions, which results from the complete transfer of electrons from one atom to another.


Considering formal charge, which Lewis structure best represents nitrogen dioxide (NO2)?

The best Lewis structure for NO2 is one in which the formal charge is minimized. The correct Lewis structure has nitrogen with a single double bond and a formal charge of +1, and one oxygen atom single-bonded to nitrogen with a formal charge of -1.


Which molecular geometry does the hybridization sp3d correspond to?

The sp3d hybridization involves one s orbital, three p orbitals, and one d orbital, forming a total of five hybrid orbitals. This corresponds to a trigonal bipyramidal geometry.


In resonance forms, which condition must be conserved across all contributing structures?

While the positions of electrons may differ across resonance structures, the positions of the nuclei and the total number of electrons must remain the same to accurately represent the distribution of electron density in the molecule.


What is the significance of shorthand representations such as skeletal structures in organic molecules?

Skeletal structures provide a simplified representation of organic molecules by omitting the hydrogen atoms attached to carbons. This makes complex structures easier to draw and understand.


When comparing the ionic and covalent bonds, what mainly distinguishes them based on electron configuration?

Ionic bonds are characterized by the transfer of electrons from one atom to another, leading to the formation of ions that attract each other electrostatically. In contrast, covalent bonds involve the sharing of electron pairs between atoms.


A central atom with two lone pairs and two bonded atoms is likely to adopt which molecular geometry?

With two lone pairs and two bonding pairs, the electron domain geometry is tetrahedral; however, the molecular geometry, which describes the spatial arrangement of just the bonded atoms, is bent or angular.


Which electron configuration represents a ground state atom with a complete set of degenerate p orbitals in its outermost shell?

This configuration corresponds to an inert or noble gas, specifically argon. A complete set of degenerate p orbitals in the outermost shell means all three p orbitals are filled; 3p6 indicates that.