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Organic Chemistry 2 - Quiz - Carboxylic Acid Derivatives - 2


What is the order of priority of the nomenclature of functional groups?

Order of precedence of functional groups:


Which of the following reagents is most commonly used for the preparation of acid chlorides from carboxylic acids?

SOCl2 (thionyl chloride) is commonly used for converting carboxylic acids into acid chlorides via nucleophilic acyl substitution, as it forms a good leaving group (-OSOCl) and the by-product is a gas.


What is the name of the reaction mechanism that describes the hydrolysis of esters under basic conditions?

Saponification is the process that describes the basic hydrolysis of esters leading to the formation of alcohols and carboxylate salts.


Which carboxylic acid derivative exhibits the highest reactivity towards nucleophilic acyl substitution?

Acid halides are the most reactive carboxylic acid derivatives towards nucleophilic acyl substitution due to the good leaving ability of halide ions.


What is the major product formed when an ester reacts with a Grignard reagent followed by acid hydrolysis?

Grignard reagents reduce esters to tertiary alcohols with the introduction of 2 alkyl groups. The first nucleophilic attack by the Grignard reagent results in the formation of a ketone intermediate, which undergoes a second nucleophilic attack to yield a tertiary alcohol after acid hydrolysis.


In the context of acid-catalyzed esterification, what role does the acid play in the reaction mechanism?

The proton from the acid catalyst activates the carbonyl oxygen of the carboxylic acid, making it more electrophilic and susceptible to nucleophilic attack.


The synthesis of amides can be performed directly from which carboxylic acid derivative with the addition of ammonia or primary amine?

Acid halides readily react with ammonia or primary amines to form amides through nucleophilic acyl substitution.


What is the primary driving force for the nucleophilic acyl substitution in a carboxylic acid derivative?

The departure of a good leaving group is the main driving force for nucleophilic acyl substitution.


Which is the best method to prepare esters from carboxylic acids?

Fischer esterification is a classic method for preparing esters from carboxylic acids and alcohols in the presence of acid catalysts.