Quiz - Reactions of Alkenes | Reactions of Alkenes

Organic Chemistry 2 - Quiz - Reactions of Alkenes


Which of the following conditions results in Markovnikov addition of water to alkenes?

The electrophilic addition of hydrogen halides follows the Markovnikov rule: formation of the most stable carbocation (most substituted carbocation)


Which of the following alkene reactions are syn addition?

Syn addition is the addition of 2 substituents to the same side of a double bond or triple bond


Which of the following alkene reactions is an anti addition?

Anti addition: addition reaction in which 2 substituents are added to opposite sides of a double bond or triple bond


What is the product of the addition of Br2 to (E)-but-2-ene?

Meso compounds are achiral compounds that has multiple chiral centers


What is the result of the reaction between cyclohexene and peroxybenzoic acid?


What is the role of peroxide in the radical bromination of alkenes?

Radical chain initiators: substances that can produce radical species under mild conditions and promote radical reactions