Quiz - Carbonyl Condensation Reactions - 1 | Carbonyl Condensation Reactions

Organic Chemistry 3 - Quiz - Carbonyl Condensation Reactions - 1


Which of the following compounds is the most acidic?


What is the first step of a Claisen condensation?

First step of a Claisen condensation: Deprotonation of the α position of an ester to form a nucleophilic ester enolate.


What is the product of an aldol condensation?


What is the product of the Claisen reaction between an ester and a ketone?


What are the different steps of a Robinson annulation?

Robinson annulation is a two-step ring-forming process in which Michael addition is followed by intramolecular aldol condensation.


In Stork enamine synthesis, what role does the carbonyl compound play?

The carbonyl compound reacts with the secondary amine to generate the enamine intermediate in Stork enamine synthesis.


Which of the following reagents is commonly used as a nucleophile in Michael addition reactions?


Enolate ions are commonly used as nucleophiles in Michael addition reactions due to their high nucleophilicity.

Michael addition:


Which of the following functional groups is commonly found in Michael acceptors?


Michael acceptors commonly contain an alkene functionality, which serves as the electrophilic center for nucleophilic addition reactions.


What is the main difference between the products of an aldol addition and an aldol condensation?

Aldol addition stops at the β-hydroxy aldehyde or ketone, while aldol condensation involves further dehydration to yield an α,β-unsaturated aldehyde or ketone, which involves forming a double bond by removing water.


Which of the following reagents reacts like β-Diesters during a Michael addition?