Exercise 4 | The Chemistry of the Transition Metals

Give the chemical formula of the following transition metal complexes:

Barium hexacyanoferrate (II)

Potassium tetrafluorocuprate (II)

Ammonium trans-dibromodiiodoaurate (III)

Pentaamminebromochromium (III) acetate

Hexacyanoferrate (II): [Fe(CN)6]4- and Barium: Ba2+

Barium hexacyanoferrate (II): Ba2[Fe(CN)6]


Tetrafluorocuprate (II): [CuF4]2- and Potassium: K+

Potassium tetrafluorocuprate (II): K2[CuF4]


Trans-dibromodiiodoaurate (III): trans-[AuBr2I2]-  and Ammonium: NH4+

Ammonium trans-dibromodiiodoaurate (III): NH4[AuBr2I2]


Pentaamminebromochromium (III): [Cr(NH3)5Br]2+ and Acetate: CH3COO-

Pentaamminebromochromium (III) acetate: [Cr(NH3)5Br](CH3COO)2