Quiz | Aldehydes and Ketones


How many carbon atoms the simplest aldehyde and ketone contain, respectively?

1 and 1

1 and 3

2 and 2

2 and 3


Ketones may be prepared by the oxidation of:

Primary alcohols

Secondary alcohols

Tertiary alcohols



Which of the following statements is correct?

The C=O bond of carbonyls is short, strong and very polar

The carbon of the carbonyl is electrophile while the oxygen is nucleophile

The hydrogen on the α-carbon of a carbonyl is acidic

All of the above


Which of the following methods results in the synthesis of carbonyls?

Ozonolysis of alkenes

Friedel-Crafts alkylation

Reduction of alkynes

None of the above


What is the first step in the addition reaction on a carbonyl under acidic conditions?

Protonation of the oxygen of C=O

Addition on the oxygen of C=O

Addition on the carbon of C=O

Nucleophile attack


Which of the following reactions results in the formation of an acetal starting from a carbonyl?

Additions of hydrides

Additions of water

Additions of alcohols

Additions of amines