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Organic Chemistry 2 - Quiz - Alkenes - 1


What is the correct IUPAC name for (CH3)2C=CH2?

The correct IUPAC name for (CH3)2C=CH2 is 2-methylpropene because the longest carbon chain with the double bond contains three carbons (propene), and the methyl group is attached to the second carbon.


Which statement about the π bond in alkenes is correct?

The correct statement is that π bonds are formed by the side-on overlap of two sp2 hybridized orbitals. This is responsible for the characteristic properties of alkenes, including restricted rotation around the double bond.


Which alkene will react the fastest in an electrophilic addition reaction?

3-methyl-2-pentene will react the fastest due to the hyperconjugative and inductive effects of the methyl group, which increase the electron density around the double bond, making it more reactive towards electrophiles.


How does the dehydration of alcohols lead to the formation of alkenes?

Dehydration of alcohols leads to the formation of alkenes through an elimination reaction, in which water is eliminated as a leaving group, forming a double bond.


What does the degree of unsaturation indicate in a hydrocarbon molecule?

The degree of unsaturation indicates the number of π bonds or rings in a hydrocarbon molecule, each contributing to one unit of unsaturation, which is calculated using the formula (2C + 2 + N - X - H)/2


What is the degree of unsaturation for a molecule with the formula C5H5NO2?

The degree of unsaturation can be calculated using the formula (2C + 2 + N - X - H)2. For C5H5NO2, the degree of unsaturation is 4, indicating four π bonds or rings.