Quiz - Carboxylic Acid Derivatives | Carboxylic Acid Derivatives – Part 2


Which proton of an amide is the most acidic?

The proton on the carbonyl

The proton on the nitrogen atom

The proton on the carbon atom in α position

It depends on the conditions (temperature and concentration)


What is the first step in the Hofmann rearrangement?

Nucleophilic attack of the hydroxide ion on the carbonyl

Acid-activation of the carbonyl

Halogenation of the amide

Deprotonation of the amide and formation of an amidate

Step 1 in the Hofmann rearrangement: amidate formation


What are the products of the Hofmann rearrangement?

An amine and CO2

An amide and CO2

An amine and NH3

A carboxylic acid and NH3

Hofmann Rearrangement:


Which of the following statements is incorrect about alkanenitriles?

The substituent -CN is called cyano

CN is linear and carbon and nitrogen atoms are sp-hybridized

Nitriles take precedence over carboxylic acids in the nomenclature

A cycloalkane with a nitrile substituent is called cycloalkanecarbonitrile

Nitriles take precedence over aldehydes, ketones, amines, alkenes, alkynes but not over carboxylic acids


Which of the following reagents converts a nitrile to an aldehyde?



H2, PtO2


Reduction of nitriles resulting in the formation of aldehydes:


What is the product of the hydrolysis of nitriles?

An alcohol

An aldehyde

A ketone

A carboxylic acid

Hydrolysis of nitriles: