Quiz | Carboxylic Acid Derivatives – Part 2


Which proton of an amide is the most acidic?

The proton on the carbonyl

The proton on the nitrogen atom

The proton on the carbon atom in α position

It depends on the conditions (temperature and concentration)


What is the first step of the Hofmann rearrangement?

Nucleophile attack of the hydroxide ion on the carbonyl

Acid-activation of the carbonyl

Halogenation of the amide

Deprotonation of the amide and formation of an amidate


What are the products of the Hofmann rearrangement?

An amine and CO2

An amide and CO2

An amine and NH3

A carboxylic acid and NH3


Which statement is incorrect about alkanenitriles?

The substituent -CN is called cyano

CN is linear and the carbon and the nitrogen atoms are sp-hybridized

Nitrile takes precedence over carboxylic acid in naming

A cycloalkane with a nitrile substituent is called cycloalkanecarbonitriles


Which of the following reagents transforms a nitrile into an aldehyde?



H2, PtO2



What is the product of the hydrolysis of nitriles?

An alcohol

An aldehyde

A ketone

A carboxylic acid