Quiz | Properties of Gases


Which of the following statements is incorrect?

Gases are always miscible with each other

Gases exert pressure on the walls of any container

Gas volume changes with pressure but not with temperature

Gases have relatively low densities


Which of the following relationships is a correct statement of Gay-Lussac’s law?

P/T = constant

V/T = constant

PT = constant

PV = constant


What is the units of pressure and volume in the ideal-gas equation?

Bar and L

Pa and L

Pa and m3

Atm and m3


For a gas, which pair of variables are inversely proportional to each other?

P and T

P and V

V and T

n and V


Under what conditions does a real gas come closest to the behavior of an ideal gas?

Low P and T

High P and T

High P and low T

Low P and high T


Which of the following statements is not consistent with the kinetic-molecular theory of gases?

The gas consists mostly of empty space

The collisions between the gas particles are elastic

There are interactions between the molecules in a gas: they repel or attract one another

The mean kinetic energy of the molecules in a gas is proportional to the temperature