Quiz | Properties of Gases

General Chemistry 2 - Quiz


Which of the following statements is incorrect?

Gas volume changes significantly with pressure AND temperature


Which of the following relationships is a correct statement of Gay-Lussac’s law?

At constant volume: P and T are directly proportional ⇒ P1T1 = P2T2  = cste


What is the units of pressure and volume in the ideal-gas equation?

In the ideal-gas equation, the pressure is in Pa and the volume in m3


For an ideal gas, which pair of variables are inversely proportional to each other?

Ideal-gas equation: PV = nRT ⇒ If P increases, V decreases and vice versa (P and V are inversely proportional to each other)


Under what conditions does a real gas come closest to the behavior of an ideal gas?

Better conditions for a gas to behave like an ideal gas: monoatomic gas, low pressure, high temperature


Which of the following statements is not consistent with the kinetic-molecular theory of gases?

In the kinetic theory of gases, the molecules exert no attractive or repulsive forces on each other except during collisions ⇒ between collisions they move in straight lines