Quiz - Amines and Derivatives | Amines and their Derivatives

Organic Chemistry 3 - Quiz - Amines and Derivatives


Which of the following molecules is a secondary amine?


Which of the following statements is correct about ethylamine?

Amines have properties similar to alcohols and ethers. They can serve as nucleophile and participate in hydrogen bonding (high boiling point + soluble in water). However, oxygen is more electronegative than nitrogen ⇒ amines have weaker hydrogen bonding than alcohols and so lower boiling point


Which of the following statement about the reaction between 1-bromopropane and ammonia is incorrect?


Which of the following statements about the reaction between pentanenitrile and LiAlH4 is correct?


Which of the following reagents is used for the reductive amination of an aldehyde?

Amines by reductive amination - Reduction step:


What is the chemical function of the major product of a Hofmann elimination?

Hofmann elimination: