Bronsted acid-base - 1 | Chemical Reactions and Properties of Solutions

General Chemistry 2 - Bronsted acid-base - 1

Which of the following compounds would you expect to act as Bronsted bases, and which one would you expect to act as Bronsted acids:

Cl-, H3PO4, Li+, H2SO4, H2O, NH3 and NH2-?

Give the corresponding conjugate acid-base pair.

Bronsted bases: Cl-, H2O, NH3 and NH2-
Corresponding conjugate acid-base pair: HCl / Cl-; H3O+ / H2O; NH4+ / NH3; NH3 / NH2-

Bronsted acids: H3PO4, H2SO4, H2O and NH3
Corresponding conjugate acid-base pair: H3PO4 / H2PO4- ; H2SO4 / HSO4- ; H2O / HO- ; NH3 / NH2-