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General Chemistry 1 - Quiz - Representing Molecules


How many covalent bonds should form a neutral oxygen atom to follow the octet rule?

Electronic configuration of O (Z = 8): 1s2 2s2 2p4 ⇒ 6 valence electrons

A neutral oxygen atom needs 2 more electrons to follow the octet rule


What type of bond exists between the nitrogen atoms of N2H2?


Which of the following species has a triple covalent bond?


What is the formal charge of boron atom in the molecule BF4-?

nb of valence electrons in a free boron atom: 3

nb of valence electrons in the bound boron atom of BF4-: 4

Formal charge = 3 – 4 = -1



Which of the following atoms could have an expanded valence shell?

Valence shell of Li, O and Ne: n =2

Valence shell of S: n = 3

Expanded valence shell can happen only for atoms with a valence shell n  3


Which of the following atoms has the highest electronegativity?

Electronegativity increases across a period and towards the top of a group in the periodic table.