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General Chemistry 1 - Quiz - The Atomic Theory - 1


What is the chemical symbol of magnesium?

The symbol of Magnesium in the periodic table is Mg.


Which of the following best describes an element?

Elements are fundamental substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances. They are the building blocks of matter.


Which of the following statements about chemical reaction is incorrect?

In a chemical reaction, atoms are rearranged, separated, or recombined to form new compounds but are not created or destroyed.


Which of the following statements is correct?

Most of the mass of an atom is concentrated in its tiny nucleus.


How many protons, electrons and neutrons does 40Ca2+ have (knowing that calcium is the twentieth element in the periodic table)?

Calcium is the 20th element in the periodic table ⇒ 20 protons
mass number = protons + neutrons = 40 ⇒ 20 neutrons
charge = protons – electrons = +2 ⇒ 18 electrons


What is the nuclear symbol for an atom with the following subatomic particles: 8 protons, 8 neutrons, 10 electrons?

Z = atomic number = number of protons ⇒ Z = 8
A = mass number = protons + neutrons ⇒ A = 16
Q = charge = protons – electrons ⇒ Q = - 2


How are monatomic anions named?

Monatomic anions are named by changing the ending of the element name to "-ide" and adding the word "ion".


What is the name of the ion ClO2-?

ClO2- is named as the chlorite ion, which has one less oxygen than the most common form, chlorate ion.