Quiz - The Periodic Table and Atoms | The Periodic Table and Atoms

General Chemistry 1 - Quiz - The Periodic Table and Atoms


What is the second period in the periodic table?


Which of the following is not an element of the main group?

Main groups: the 2 groups at the extreme left and the 6 groups at the extreme right of the periodic table. Manganese (Mn) is in group 7 ⇒ it is a transition metal


Which of the following statements is incorrect?


How many atoms of hydrogen do you have in 2.0 moles of H2?

n = NNA   ⇒   number of dihydrogen atoms NH2 = nH2 x NA = 2.0 x 6.022 x 1023 atoms

⇒ number of hydrogen atoms NH = 2 x NH2


What is the SI unit of molar mass?

The SI unit of molar mass M is g.mol-1


What is the mole number of 12.4 g of MgCl2 (MMg = 24.3 g.mol-1, MCl = 35.5 g.mol-1)?

mole number nMgCl2 = mMgCl2MMgCl2

with MMgCl2 = MMg + 2 x MCl = 95.3 g.mol-1