Dimensional analysis - 2 | Chemistry and the Scientific Method

General Chemistry 1 - Dimensional analysis - 2

Mercury is a metal with a very low melting point (-38.8°C) and therefore thermometers were made with mercury. The volume of mercury changes slightly with temperature; the small change in volume indicates the temperature. But it is important to know the density of mercury.

At 25°C, 1.667 mL of mercury has a mass of 22.55 grams. What is the density of mercury in g.mL-1 and kg.m-3?

density = massvolume

density (in g.mL-1) = mass (in g)volume (in mL) =  22.551.667  = 13.53 g.mL-1 

13.53 g.mL-1 =  13.53 g1 mL x 1 kg1000 g x 1000 mL1 L x 1L1 dm3 x 1000 dm31 m3 = 13.53 x 103 kg.m-3

density (in kg.m-3) = 13.53 x 103 kg.m-3